I have been seeing Aaron for more than 3 years, and it started with lymph drainage and detox sessions. I continue to have him come to my place as there is nothing better than just relaxing in my own home after a wonderful massage. Aaron has such light and positive energy that you have to experience to know the joy you will have after a blissful healing. Thank you again for the years of taking care of me.

Heather D. 64

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I have seen Aaron for his total care with personal training and massage therapy to better align my body. I have more energy, lost weight and continue to distress with his wonderful massage sessions.

Michael S. 34

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I started seeing Aaron at his Rego Park location more than a year ago for massage to take care of my neck and upper back pain. I have continued to see Aaron as he changed locations as he is my monthly maintenance in my wellness regimen, and I continue to not have the same pain as I did prior. Thank you for your continuing care

Ron D. 65

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After many years of ignoring my health and deprioritizing myself I had finally decided that enough was enough and that I had to get motivated. I needed a healthier diet and lifestyle that included being active on a regular basis. The Arena's 5 week Fit Boot Camp challenge was a perfect fit. I felt as if I had a voice in what I needed and could do, the class was geared to our capabilities, yet always felt challenging on a weekly basis. I really enjoyed the different activities, and the individual attention as class size was small.

Lelia H, 56

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After the 5 week challenge I must say that I could see a huge difference in myself. I had more energy, my clothes fit better, and the classes seem so much shorter and fly by now. I would recommend this program or any group program that Aaron runs, to anyone looking to put in the work and effort for an all-around healthier lifestyle. The effort you put in is so worth it, and you will find an inner strength that you didn'e even know you had, I know I did.

Felicia G. 30

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All of my life i have struggled with my weight, trying every new fad that came around. The weight never stayed off and yo-yo dieting wasn't healthy. I tried being active but it was not enough to make a difference. I knew that if i wanted to avoid becoming obese like some of my family members, a drastic change needed to happen. I tried a 5 week boot camp challenge, and though it was hard, it was the change i needed. I lost 10 lbs in those 5 weeks, and several inches from my waist. I felt stronger and more energetic that I had in years. The program has given me pride in my body and allowed me to really follow a healthy eating plan. I still see Aaron on a regular basis, and I'm glad to say the weight never came back!

Ann R.

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