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In Home 

90 min - $180

First Time

20% off first session.


Free 30 minutes on top of a session when referred to a new client.

Massage Therapy Benefits

The body goes through many stressors from work, relationships, exercise and what life brings on a daily basis. Imbalances, areas of pain and restrictions develop. Aaron has designed programs using massage therapy to address your concerns to help bring relief from pain and freedom of movement from restrictions. Massage has also been shown to improve fitness gains and improve kinesthetic mobality. Self Massage Techniques are taught using foam rollers and trigger point tools. Stretching techniques are taught using body positioning and straps.

Types of Massage

Aaron is proficient in many modalities of massage, but specializes in the types listed below. They have shown to bring the best results to address many issues that arise in the body. In addition to therapeutic massage, relaxation sessions are also helpful in reducing mental stress. Modalities can be fused to create a custom treatment.

Pricing based on 1 hour, but length of time can be as long as you want. 2 Locations.

                                           3F Studios $130        In Home/Your Location $130                                       (Table Fee Varies on location)

Deep Tissue: Applies deep pressure to address muscle adhesions (knots), areas of pain. Improved circulation and deep relaxation will occur. Oil, with or without aroma used. ​

Sports: Addresses restrictions through myofascial work; pain or weakness of muscles with trigger point work. Little to no oil used for true myofascial work, also may involve active movements.

Thai Yoga: Combines rhythmic movements, hand/forearm pressure and focus on flexibility, you will feel both relaxed and balanced. Performed while you are wearing loose clothing.

Hot Stones, Scrubs, Wraps, Cupping can all be added, but only at the Valley Stream Location.

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