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"No two people are the same, therefore you should strive to reach your own potential, personal goals and happiness will follow"

Aaron Rodriguez

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Personal Training 30/60 min

Aaron will work 1 on 1 with you to help you reach your personal goals. You get the most attention in this method of training.    


30 Min 1 session $60 10 session Pack $500

60 Min 1 session $120 10 Session Pack $1000e.

Semi Personal Training 30/60 min

SPT are 2-4 people, you still get attention to your specific goals, while saving money. Great for couples, friends. Must complete ICFA and group must be formed before starting. 


30 Min 10 Session Pack $400

60 Min 10 Session Pack $650

Group Training and Classes 30/60 min

TA offers a variety of Studio style classes that are based in movement and total fitness.

Fit Class sizes are 10 max, Yoga/Pilates are 16, allow for attention to everyone in the class with regards to form and adjustments, while getting you closer to your individual goals. Most cost effective, as well as fun with the motivation of the group pushing you in a positive way. Must complete ICFA before joining a Fit group class.

TA Fit Camp includes a fusion of modalities only seen here at TA. Class focus varies and includes HIIT, warrior, Kettlebell, plyometric, kick boxing! Yoga/Pilates vary on instructor, see schedule.

30 Min 8 Session Pack $70      12 Session Pack $85 

60 Min 8 Session Pack $120    12 Session Pack $150

Workshops/Events as well Classes are listed on www.meetup.com/TheArenaFIT

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